Masterforex-V Advanced Forex Training course


Intensive online Forex training course that will give you a complete and full understanding of Masterforex-V New Technical Analysis and how to use it in practical Forex trading.

  • Did you ever encounter a situation when you know that you know almost everything, you learned endless amount of trading instruments – but…. When it comes to real Forex trading, you look at the charts and you still have a feeling that you cannot explain yourself exactly what's going on?
  • You analyzed all classic and non-classic Forex market analysis method’s and theories there is available, but still do not have a clear vision of the market?
  • You fail to apply the knowledge in practice and to earn money from the Forex market?
  • You feel as if you missed something? As if one more (maybe the last one) piece of puzzle is still missing. And if you would solve that puzzle everything immediately would become as it should be? Ever felt like that?
  • Did you ever had a question: so what direction is the trend moving currently? Where is the breaking point that will show exactly and clearly that the new trend started or the current trend has stopped?


If you constantly bump in to these kind of questions

This Training Course is exactly what YOU need!


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What will you learn?


  • You will learn to make a complete A to Z analysis of any currency pair you choose.
  • You will not need "crutches" anymore – i.e. You will learn independently make your own decisions. You will learn to work without somebody being constantly close to you to help you understand what is happening.
  • You'll know exactly in what phase is the Market currently. Trend phase or Flat phase. And you will be able to determine exact reference points between the Market phases
  • You will learn accurate and unambiguous reference points where the trend begins and where the trend stops.
  • You will learn accurate and unambiguous reference points where the flat begins and where the flat grows in to trend
  • You will receive a package of market analysis tools (we called it: the analysis of binary regularities), which will allow you to understand every step of the market in the given moment (rather than on history where nobody can earn anything anymore)
  • You will get rid of the feeling when you are looking at the charts and do not understand what is happening. You will be able quickly orientate on any time-frame of any currency and to take appropriate decisions and actions.
  • REMEMBER: There is NO “Holy Grail”. The “Holy Grail” is inside of You! All you need is to just find it, and unleash it.



1. Strategy

Develop exact understanding of how Forex Market moves and identify the strategic direction.

2. Tactics

Create a Tactical plan for each trading session based on your strategy. Know what you are doing and when you are doing it.

3. Trading System

Trading system is just a set of mathematical rules and nothing more.


Comprehensive Forex Training


Comprehensive Forex Training

The Forex training is designed according to your skills, interests and needs. Our Forex training program is aimed to make you a skillfull trader enabling you constantly profit with any currency pair on any Time-frame.

Forex Market Technical Analysis


Forex Market Technical Analysis

Forex Technical Analysis based on Masterforex-V new Technical Analysis and exact reference point provided by professional Forex trader with 10 years Forex trading experience

Traders Community

Traders Community

You will never find any book (no matter how good it is), that could replace for you the communication with professionals in that industry. They have been through these stages of development, which you are facing now, and they can give you the right advice at the right time